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From Summer Internships to the Full-Time Workforce:

Meet Intern Delaware’s Alumni

Meet Kana Turley

A former communications intern with Intern Delaware speaks about her transition from summer intern to full-time employee with founding corporate partner CSC.

In the wake of COVID-19, Kana Turley, a junior at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, struggled to find a summer internship. After a series of canceled internships, the political communication major discovered Intern Delaware, a new nonprofit in her home state looking for a virtual summer intern. Intrigued by Intern Delaware’s mission, and by nonprofits in general, Kana decided to apply, not knowing exactly what to expect.

Her Intern Delaware experience turned out to be better than she could have imagined. By assisting with the nonprofit’s communications, leading its social media marketing, and participating in its virtual signature events, Kana learned more about Delaware than ever before. She found that the state’s dynamic business ecosystem fosters connections across industries, rapid career advancement, and mentorship from leaders in all fields. Above all, Kana learned that the First State is an ideal location to start a career for any young professional.

Six months after joining the nonprofit, new graduate Kana accepted a full-time business licensing position at CSC, one of Intern Delaware’s founding corporate partners. We asked Kana more about her transition from summer intern to full-time member of the First State’s workforce.

What is your new, full-time role?

I’m currently training as a customer service associate for CSC’s Business Licensing department.

What made you want to work at CSC?

CSC is known for its productivity and thriving corporate culture. CSC leaders Scott Malfitano and Catrina Jefferson, who are also Intern Delaware board members, were fantastic mentors during my internship. They both have a passion for community and state development. If CSC played a role in developing their passion, then I knew I wanted to be a part of CSC.

How did your summer internship with Intern Delaware prepare you for your full-time position?


I developed the confidence to take initiative and lead projects. I sharpened my eye for detail and recognized the importance of aiming for the best possible result. And, I’ve formed relationships with other young professionals like Caroline Letner, Intern Delaware’s program coordinator. She’s a fantastic model of passion and work ethic. My internship has given me with the skills and confidence to tackle my full-time work with a positive attitude and a desire to learn.

Meet Sharon Basil

A Delaware native shares her story of transitioning from intern to full-time employee at Agilent Technologies.

In the Fall of 2019, Sharon Basil, a Senior at University of Delaware, was applying to summer internships. “You know how it is” she stated as she discussed the frantic nature of the internship search.  This process became evermore intense when the COVID-19 pandemic began.  Luckily, Sharon had already secured an internship position at Agilent Technologies and despite the many unknowns that the winter of 2020 had in store, Sharon was able to depend on Agilent.


As a Delaware native, Sharon has grown accustomed to a welcoming small-town feel that is so common in the First State.  Even so, she still remarks on being pleasantly surprised by just how welcomed she felt at Agilent both as a summer intern and now as a new hire. “Even after the onboarding process I could always go up to anyone and ask them questions and they would be so willing to help”.


As Sharon managed the twists and turns of the COVID-19 pandemic as a college senior while simultaneously looking to secure full-time employment she was thrilled when she was accepted as a full-time hire at Agilent Technologies.  Following graduation in May, and a noteworthy internship, Sharon accepted a full-time position as Inside Sales Representative at Agilent Technologies. We asked Sharon to share more on this transition.


What is your new, full-time role?

I am an Inside Sales Representative at Agilent Technologies.  In this role I am trained by our team of experts on the many intricacies of our equipment and then communicate directly with buyers to support them wherever they may need assistance.


What made you want to work at Agilent?

As a Delaware native I was used to being part of a close-knit community.  Agilent really mimicked that by ensuring I felt welcome since the first day of my internship. They connected us with product specialists and people who had been in the industry for years to speak with us and were so happy and eager to teach us.  As a person who cares deeply about the culture of the community I am in I knew I wanted to stay in a community that gave so much to their employees to ensure they were happy. I love the work that I am doing, but more so I love the culture that Agilent has.


How did your summer internship experience with Agilent and Intern Delaware prepare you for your full-time position?

In the virtual format it is hard at times to feel connected to your co-workers and peers.  Agilent ensured that I was interacting with my team members on a daily basis which really helped me to feel welcome.  However, Intern Delaware provided me with opportunities to interact with other young professionals that were at different companies.  We even had the opportunity to hear the Governor speak once. I loved the opportunities that both organizations provided to help me feel welcome and really jump right in as a full-time employee.

Intern Delaware showed me the potential of the First State as a place to start my career. The program offered events with experienced and knowledgeable professionals, networking opportunities with other interns, and the opportunity to learn more about what Delaware has to offer.

Abigail Houseal, Delaware Prosperity Partnership Intern